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About Us


30+ years of experience

For over 3 decades Novax Industries Corporation (Novax) has designed and manufactured industry-leading products that have improved vehicular flow and the safety of drivers, passengers and pedestrians. In that time Novax has staked out and maintained a leading position in traffic management and universal pedestrian access solutions.

Our Vision

With over 40 years in the ITS industry, Novax combines IP, experience and innovation which seamlessly integrates and leverages legacy with 21st Century cutting-edge systems technology to provide best of breed Intelligent Transportation Solutions including:


Advanced Pedestrian Solutions – optimization of vehicular traffic flow must be in coordination with pedestrian, bicycle and alternative modalities. Novax provides solutions which optimize flows across all modalities – Advanced Pedestrian Systems, Priority-PreEmption Systems, Traffic Control.

Public Safety and Accessibility – Novax applies street level experience and understanding of traffic management and control to real world problems. TOUCHFREE™ is a paradigm and cost-effective approach to mitigating life threatening transfer of pathogens both natural and man-made

Urban Connectivity – ITS is not only about on-street issues. Novax seeks to extend the user experience across every segment of travel including vehicular, transit and pedestrian modality. This includes Novax ground-breaking technology providing access to ITS infrastructure to ALL.

Need Support?

A Novax representative can help you target the problem or issue and extinguish it by dealing with the souce, So feel confident in knowing that “we designed it, we built it and stand behind our product.

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