TransPOD™ is a feature-rich intersection priority control system. On-street physical detection is not required.

A TransPOD™ equipped vehicle (with the aid of its highly accurate positioning system) knows its dynamic location and the locations of upstream intersections, when the vehicle crosses a pre-determined geographic boundary it routes a priority request message via a broadband wireless mesh network to the upcoming intersection. This event is logged as a check-in. The priority request message can indicate high priority in the event that the vehicle is an emergency vehicle or low priority message if the vehicle is a transit vehicle.

When the TransPOD™equipped vehicle enters the intersection it routes a priority clear message to the intersection. This event is logged as a checkout. Both events are logged locally and remotely in real time. TransPOD™ is portable across multiple wireless architectures including 3G – 4G Networks, HSDPA and EVDO allowing unparalleled flexibility.

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