NEMA TS2 Two Phase

Novax Traffic Control Cabinets are well-known for durability, ruggedness, compatibility and workmanship. Available in a variety of sizes, Novax cabinets can be supplied with custom finishes that enhance the urban landscape. Accepts TS2 compliant controller, MMU and plug-ins in a compact 2 phase (2V/2P) cabinet with 8 position detector rack.

  • Compact design for pole mount applications.
  • Meets applicable NEMA TS2 Type 2 Cabinet specifications.
  • Enhanced multi-vendor sourcing and standardization.
  • Facilitates interchangeability without precluding downward compatibility with TS1 equipment.
  • Minimizes malfunction potential and increases traffic safety through redundant MMU functionality.
  • Uses industry standard NEMA TS2 equipment.
  • TS2 Type 2 simplifies cabinet wiring with SDLC serial bus.
  • Interior cabinet walls covered in Styrofoam insulation.
  • Crowned roof with gutter equipped overhang over front door.
  • Cabinet Pedestal.
  • Provision for several shelves.
  • Fan / Heater on thermostat.
  • Model 500D Digital Thermostat.
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