UPS Pedestal - 332

The Novax UPS Pedestal will keep traffic signal controllers and LED traffic signal heads in operation for many hours in the event of power failures. Batteries are located in a convenient pedestal drawer. Wire guides protect all wiring entering the cabinet from the base. The unique design of the Novax UPS Pedestal utilizes the weight of the batteries to increase cabinet stability.

  • Battery drawer with traffic controller cabinet keyed lock.   
  • Designed for a maximum weight of 300lbs.
  • Protective caps cover battery terminals.
  • Battery heater pad.
  • Up to four Alpha-Cell 180 GXL batteries
  • Alpha Technologies Novus FXM 1100 UPS Power Mo.
  • 1100 W/VA output.
  • -40 to 55ºC operating temperature.
  • Remote communications capability.
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